The pace of today’s world is hectic and often if you don’t watch yourself, you can burn out. Being a single mom of three kids, running my own business, writing books, cleaning house and cooking all day, I am at risk every single day of burning out.

There are days when I fall into bed exhausted, only to wake up still exhausted at 5am the next morning. It’s especially tough during the week when the children have to go to school. So you get them up in the morning, make sure that they have eaten breakfast, made their school lunches, brushed their teeth, packed their school bags and then into the car. By the time I get back from dropping them all off at their respective schools, I am ready for bed again.

But my day is only just beginning. I then start on the house. Now my kids are great and they really do try, but they are kids. So there is always a trail of destruction where ever they have been. One thing I find that helps is to take a basket and walk through the house putting everything that needs to be put away into the basket. Then I take the stuff in the basket and I dump it on their beds. Their room, their problem. They have to sort it out when they get back.

Then the cleaning starts. I have got the routine down to such an extent that I can sweep, mop, wash dishes, dust and wash down the bathrooms in an hour if I focus. By the time I am finished, the first load of washing is done (I put that on just before I start cleaning) and it gets hung up outside to dry and the next load started.

Now I can sit down at my desk and start my day’s work. That is at 8.30 am every morning. Are you exhausted yet? I am!

Now it is not all work and no play for me. I actually LOVE my business. I have found my dream lifestyle in that:

  • I can work from home,
  • I am not dependent on a boss for money,
  • I don’t have to go through the horrendous Johannesburg traffic every day
  • I am at home every day for my children
  • If I am tired, I can take the afternoon off without asking anyone’s permission
 I have found my passion and I am making a living from it. How many people can really say that?

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Have a fantastic week.