Are you floundering in your book publishing business?

What if you could have a face-to-face on a Skype video call twice a month (with unlimited email support) with an accountability  coach?

I have had several people approach me and ask me if I would be willing to coach them on a more personal basis.

The challenge most authors face is how to balance it all.

  • We are responsible for the writing or creating of books or planners.
  • Then you have to market them.
  • What about selling your books on alternative platforms?
  • How do you streamline the marketing strategy?
  • What’s the best way for you to build a brand?

Here is what I will do for you:

  • Identify your primary goal for the month
  • Develop a plan of action that is specifically tailored to your goals and dreams
  • Help you get lazer focused on the doing the ‘right’ things for your business
  • Explore ways for you to expand your distribution and sales

How it works:

  • Once you have signed up, you will receive an email from me asking you to complete a form with some very specific questions on it.
  • I will then evaluate your current status
  • Then I will identify areas you need to work on
  • On the first Skype call we will go through all the options and ideas
  • You and I will then decide on a plan of action
  • Each day you will send me an email letting me what you got done as per our plan of action.
  • The second Skype call will be a review session where we look at the results of your activities and what else you can do to improve your business.

What does it cost?

The investment in your business is $397 per month. That includes the pre-Skype call business evaluation I do on your publishing or e-commerce business. Then you get two 45 minute Skype calls with me at times convenient to both of us. You also get unlimited email support during the month of your coaching.

This is a once off payment for the month. If you would like to continue the coaching then you would just pay for another month again.

Limited time and space offer.

I have to limit this to two clients a month as I am busy with a multiple range of projects. By limiting the offer, it allows me to focus 100% on your challenge and issues and how I can help you resolve them.

Be warned.

I am tough. I believe that nothing comes without a solid dose of hard work. You will not find the ‘shiny button’ solutions with me.  I take my business very seriously and after years of being an online entrepreneur, I have learned some valuable lessons about what works and what does not.

Be prepared to try new ideas and concepts. I want your business (and life) to be spectacular. Mediocrity is no good for you 😉

What happens next?

Click the Paypal button below and process the payment. Once you have paid, you will be redirected to a page where you need to complete some basic information for us to get started.

What is your refund policy?

Your payment is 100% refundable up the point where I start the pre-business evaluation. I will let you know when this happens so you will have ample time.

Thereafter, there is no refund available because I am offering my time at a very low rate so that I can help you get a head start.

Still have more questions? Ask me.

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Diana Heuser