There is just so much you can do.

You can give it all to your friends, children, and to the people you love

And it is not enough.

It is not enough, to bring you the happiness you deserve,

Despite all you have given, sacrificed and bled for,

It is not enough, when all you are is focused on the well being of others, 

Because they take it for granted, until you are gone.

Then it is too late,

And perhaps that will be the jolt they all need,

That you loved them all so much,

To change, to accept the beauty of who they are

Your children, the love of your life, and your friends

Perhaps only then will they realise what they had,

And they change their lives because of your love,

At the point where you could give no more,

And so you gave up, and sought the peace of oblivion.

The ultimate sacrifice, so they could live a life of joy.



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