Are Christians allowed to be rich?

There seems to be this misguided idea that Christians should not be rich, or charge for the work they do. I recently had a lady message me in my Etsy store about some of the Christian posters I had created. She said it was wrong to make money off Christianity, and...

What’s with the sense of entitlement?

I joined Etsy recently as a seller. I was looking for a platform that would enable me to create digital art and supplies as a creative outlet, apart from my normal business enterprises. I spent a lot of time in the forums reading and getting to know how the system...

Just for fun

I spend most of my day working on my business (EzBiz Marketing and Startup Business Today) but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun. Someone suggested that I sell my photographs through Etsy. So I did a bit of research and discovered that I could sell all types of...

I am a freak

Today I came to terms with the knowledge that I am a freak. What does that actually mean? It means that I have totally accepted the wierdo that I am. It only took me 52 years, but now I have embraced it. When I love, I love totally. There is no escaping it. People...

Adventure – Hartebeespoort Dam

Yesterday I said I would show you how I manage the social media marketing for all my sites in just half an hour. *Snort*. Life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works. So for today, have a stroll around Hartebeespoort Dam. I will be back tomorrow with the...

Am I too old?

You need multiple streams of income. James Altucher said so. " The average multimillionaire has 7 different sources of income and a job is only one source". Most of the books I have read talk about this concept. The very first book I read that stirred the fire in my...

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