Markets – Fourways Farmers Market

Have camera. Will explore. The greatest advantage of picking up photography as a hobby is that it gives you an additional reason to get off your butt and out of the house. I love markets. They always give you such great ideas, either for cooking or for gardening, or...

The only constant is change

Every time I think I have my life sorted out, life throws a big messy curve ball. In 2015 I fell in love with a man, who does not love me, but still I held on. Why? Because I am naïve enough to believe that people can change and become the best version of themselves I...

I am sorry I was not enough

There is just so much you can do. You can give it all to your friends, children, and to the people you love And it is not enough. It is not enough, to bring you the happiness you deserve, Despite all you have given, sacrificed and bled for, It is not enough, when all...

I wish my father knew …

Death is devastating. It obliterates the very foundation of your life and leaves you rudderless and adrift. But when death comes knocking, it also has the power to heal. I don’t think my dad realised just how much he was loved, admired and respected until last year....

Shattered trust

I have had my heart broken by two people during the last month. And all because of lies and gossiping. That kind of pain that strikes you when you discover the betrayal and lies is crushing. It's so bad you wonder why it does not kill you. It leaves you struggling to...

Is drinking really bad for you?

According to the BBC Breakfast show there is no safe level of drinking.  "Are you looking forward to a nice glass of wine this evening after a hard week back at work? Well this news might unsettle you - new official guidelines say there is NO safe level of drinking...

Have faith my love

Have faith my love For the time will come When his heart will open And let in your light His soul has been searching An entire lifetime for you But he cannot see it for The pain and fear blind him Be patient my love Your love will gently soothe Your heart will warm...

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