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Diana Heuser has worked for several large corporations where she has project-managed the implementation of complex accounting software installations. Her background in Systems and Process Analysis has given her the skills required..

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Shattered trust

I have had my heart broken by two people during the last month. And all because of lies and gossiping. That kind of pain that strikes you when you discover the betrayal and lies is crushing. It's so bad you wonder why it does not kill you. It leaves you struggling to...

Is drinking really bad for you?

According to the BBC Breakfast show there is no safe level of drinking.  "Are you looking forward to a nice glass of wine this evening after a hard week back at work? Well this news might unsettle you - new official guidelines say there is NO safe level of drinking...

Have faith my love

Have faith my love For the time will come When his heart will open And let in your light His soul has been searching An entire lifetime for you But he cannot see it for The pain and fear blind him Be patient my love Your love will gently soothe Your heart will warm...

Why I de-activated my Facebook account

I hope you had a happy holiday season and for those of you who celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas. For some, this time of year can be very difficult and it was like that for me. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and...

Julie & Julia

I love watching movies. Almost as much as reading books. Movies allow me to escape and lose myself in a world that does not resemble my own. My favourites are those that are mythical and magical. Those that free me from the stress of daily life and allow me to...

The circle contracts

This year has been a year of loss. My circle of friends and family has shrunk significantly. Not through death though. Some of the shrinkage has been a deliberate choice. Some have been coming for a long time. And for some, there is no explanation. Losing people in...

Difficult relationships

It’s no accident that certain people come into your life. They arrive unannounced and proceed to tear up your preconceived ideas and patterns. Often they disrupt your life so badly that you may wish you had never met them. But you have something to learn from them. And they can change your life – if you are brave enough.

Frankly my dear …

It takes us a lifetime to get over ourselves. All my life I have been the 'emotional' one. The person that wears their heart on their sleeve. The first one to extend the olive branch. The first one to say 'I love you'.  I am often dismissed and my words not taken...

The golden flower

She glowed in the evening light. Her petals shimmered as the sun’s rays reluctantly left her. She would stand alone tonight. Defenceless against the cutting blade. The sun raced around the globe. Concerned. Anxious. Cursing at the constraints nature imposed. He sent...


The cutting off of a limb seems extreme even in the worst situations. If you leave it too long the gangrene spreads like bitterness and anger throughout your entire body. The poison spreads and you end up hating the world and the people in it. The pain is excruciating...