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Diana Heuser has worked for several large corporations where she has project-managed the implementation of complex accounting software installations. Her background in Systems and Process Analysis has given her the skills required..

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How to get stuff done

I am often asked how I get so much done considering the time constraints I have as a single mother, working a full time job, running my own business and doing all my housework. It took me a long time to get it right but I worked out a formula a few years back that...

Sh*t Happens … And it is all good.

Last night my office roof collapsed and my office and bedroom were flooded. This was just another event in a long, long string of events. Just a week ago it was my car that broke down. Before that it was the accident that I had while being towed, and then the car...

Transformation by Fire

  The nights were ablaze Heat twisting and turning Transforming from within Then the rivers of life Tore at the fragile fire And I’m left yearning For soul scorching flames Is there enough fuel To re-ignite a smouldering burning  ...

A Magical Christmas.

Each year I cannot wait to put up my scraggly old Christmas tree. I then drape it with bits and pieces that I have collected over the years. Ornaments made by my children when they were little, a red tartan ball made by my mother, an African beaded star, a wooden...

Operation Awesome

My business has improved over the last year in leaps and bounds compared to 2013. I made some significant changes during 2014 and they have paid off. I still have challenges to overcome though and my income is not at a level where it can sustain me consistently on a...

6 Challenges facing a New Internet Marketer

There are a multitude of challenges facing someone just starting out in Internet Marketing or trying to create a business presence on the internet. Most of the challenges revolve around time and money. Let’s take a look at a typical newbie who decided that they had to...

Honesty is the best policy. Or is it?

Recently I was asked to leave a Facebook group because I posted a two star review on an author’s book on Amazon. The administrator of the group had very valid reasons for asking me to leave as he considers his group a support group and he felt that my review...

12 Lost Poems

I used to write a lot of poetry. Then one day I stopped. That was the time when I fell into the abyss. I stayed there for a long time and never wrote again. All the poems I had written were lost. I had stored them on an external hard drive and it crashed. I still have...

Are You Ready for The Train Ride of Your Life?

    It's been a busy week. There are over 25 authors that have got together and organised the first-ever Book Blog Train.   What does that mean for you?It means you need to charge up your Kindle because they are all giving away their book or a portion...