Yesterday morning I met a client at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg. Once our meeting was done, I walked off trying to find the entrance where I had parked my car.

Not being familiar with this particular mall, I ended up getting a little lost. As I was trying to figure my way out, I walked past a stall where a group of guys were displaying a range of cosmetics. This gorgeous looking man asks me if I would like to take a look. I smiled, said no thanks politely and continued walking. The next thing I see he is behind me and he hands me a small sample of their product.

I have to admit that I don’t remember much of the conversation that ensued, probably because I became a blithering idiot after looking into those oh-so-yummy eyes. He mentioned something about my age and I said that I was definitely much older than him. His comment was if I was over 40 then I would be. I mentioned that I was very much older than 40 (48 to be exact but that’s our secret).  He replied that he was 39.

Hmmm. Ten year’s difference? Would that be considered cradle-snatching? Or would people call me a cougar? Now I have to tell you that not only was he drop-dead gorgeous. He was also Italian and that accent had me drooling.

He asked me to stay and try out some of their products but I was in a hurry. He then asked me if could come back. He did not want to try and sell me anything but could I please come back. I asked him for his card and as he handed it to me, he asked me if I was married or happy?

I giggled. Like a teenager I have to add.

And then he did something that floored me. He leant over, slowly, close to me and with that alluring Italian accent, whispered in my ear “You are the perfect combination of sexy and cute”.  

I almost passed out with sheer delight.

Now you have to understand, I LOVE Italian men. I love their accents and I love their sexy self-confidence. For two minutes I had a delicious fantasy come true. How often does that happen in a girl’s life?

So thank you Ty, for the magical moment. It was the highlight of my year.

By the way, did I mention that he smelt really good too?

Sigh ….