We miss out so much in this digital fast paced life of ours. We are all so busy connecting on the virtual plane that we miss out on the messy but real stuff of life. We seldom have those real conversations that expose you for the human being you are. No, we are all too busy proving to the world that we are just fine and dandy on social media with fabulous photographs and status updates that proclaim our grand life.

The truth is that everybody has challenges that they face on a daily basis. You just never know about it because we don’t want the whole world to know that we are imposters. We are not really the people you see being fabulous on Facebook.

But when you have a real conversation you see people for what they are. Human. Frail. Brave. Funny. Lovable, despite all their ‘self-perceived’ faults.

Those evenings where you actually talk to someone face to face and get to know them for real. You turn off the television and the cell phones and play some music softly in the background. Where you bare your soul and let them know the real you. Where they confide their fears and what makes them happy. When you cry and make a complete idiot of yourself but you are not judged or ridiculed. When moments of vulnerability turn into laughter because, well … we are all just human and life is funny. Even in the sad moments.

Throw in the odd glass of wine and then your guard really does get dropped. The truth comes out and this creates a greater connection and understanding of what the person is really like sitting opposite you. You think to yourself: what the hell was I thinking telling them that. Of course you can always deny any memory of the discussion the next morning if you really feel you have humiliated yourself. But you know, and they know, and it is actually all okay.

Those are the moments that last forever in your memory. Have more of them. They are good for you.