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_57125691_hands_nyThe cutting off of a limb seems extreme even in the worst situations. If you leave it too long the gangrene spreads like bitterness and anger throughout your entire body. The poison spreads and you end up hating the world and the people in it. The pain is excruciating and clouds your thinking. Turning you into someone you never were or saw yourself ever becoming.

Is it better to remove the limb and stop the spread of dis-ease so that you have a chance to heal? Or do you continue to hope blindly for a miracle cure? Why are we afraid to make the decision?

Because it means that you have given up all hope. There is no going back. Body parts do not grow back.

That the only way to move forward to a healthier person is cut out the part that is causing the pain and poisoning?

The problem with amputation is that the phantom will haunt you. It will ache and itch and scratch away at your brain. There is something crucial missing from you and it will always remind you of what you lost..

What if the part you have to amputate is your heart?