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Paul Coleman is a down to earth person, who incidentally happens to be very successful in the self-publishing industry. His training and coaching products have always been top-notch and deliver value for money. His latest product Paul vs the Publishing Gurus, is no exception. 

He provides a detailed 20 page pdf which examines 28 self-publishing myths. He breaks each one down for you and then discusses the pros and cons of each one. His advice is solid and practical. 

One of the points he discusses in his book is that it is important that your readers see you as a real person. This is very hard for most of us because we are afraid of being vulnerable or making a mistake in the digital world. Very often people will be able to relate to you if you are transparent and honest about who you are. The downside is that being ‘who you are’ may offend or irritate people. I myself, have made several people in this industry angry with me because I am so out-spoken. So be it. Those that resonate with your values will be more inclined to buy your books.

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It does not matter what type of author you are. Fiction, non-fiction, coloring books, blank books, journals etc. This product will help you focus your efforts on the types of activities that will make you more money with your books. 

It’s a steal at the price, which is less than $20. Just to put it into perspective, if you had to hire a book coach, it would cost a bare minimum of $200 for a coaching session. Paul is giving you reams of valuable information for a fraction of that price.

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