Don’t be your own worst enemy!The voices you hear in your head telling you that you are worthless, ugly, useless and will never achieve success are not those of your friends, family or enemies. Someone may have said it to you in the past or treated you like sewage or ridiculed you. They may have said it so many times that you think it is still them.

But the nasty voice you are hearing in your head is yours and yours alone. And it is lying to you.

SHUT IT UP by doing just one thing today. Just one action that takes you closer to the remarkable amazing human being that you know you are. It feels really good. And then tomorrow, do just another one action or step.

Here are a few examples:
• Go for a walk.
• Open up a savings account and put 10% of everything you earn in it
• Say no to the extra helping of food.
• Complete something on your procrastination list
• Write 500 words for an article or book
• Wear something really nice
• Phone a good friend
• Help someone without expecting anything back
• Complete a business task that will take your business to the next level
• Spend quality time with your children

Do that every day for the next year and in 365 days you will not recognise yourself.

And the nasty voice will eventually shut up because it knows it is a liar.

What other actions would you suggest?


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