A few months ago I made a decision that I needed to setup multiple streams of income and they needed to be done fast. The goal is that in 10 year’s I have multiple sites or businesses that are generating revenue without too much day-to-day work being involved. The goal is $100,000 a month in ten years time. I don’t think it’s unrealistic.

So how am I going about that?

1) Niche Affiliate Sites (using  Dr. Mani’s s awesome course Quick Niche Products)
2) Content Rich Niche Sites with links to Amazon Products
3) Training / membership sites with my own products as I develop them
4) My Digital Scrapbook Store: Legacy4Life
5) Continue writing non-fiction books for Amazon (www.amazon.com/-/e/B007ZBFNRC)
6) And a few others 😉

At the same time I am building up my offline consulting business into a business that focuses on e-commerce and e-business solutions which incorporates web design, online marketing and strategy development – Di-Namic Design

My Nitty Gritty site focuses mostly on Kindle formatting and marketing services for authors and will continue to generate some nice revenue as I outsource most of the work now – The Nitty Gritty for Non Geeks.

Where do I fit this all in? During the week I focus on my offline consulting business and marketing for clients and authors. On the weekends: that is my time to do my personal projects. I try and complete one project every weekend. If I get it right that means in one year’s time I will have a total of 52 niches sites, products or books out there.

I don’t always get it right every weekend because some projects take longer to research, compile the content, write the chapter or whatever but here’s what I have managed to do in the last month just on the weekends.

1) Created an e-book on How to create your e-commerce store for free.
2) Created a niche site for woman’s health with my own product.
3) Re-opened my digital scrap-booking site – Legacy4Life
4) Created a training site with cheap and free tutorials for the South African market (Work from Home Training)
5) Created a niche site for an affiliate product.

That’s FIVE!

I was asked to post this in a Facebook Group run by Barb Ling and Val Hampson asked me the following question.

Most folks who try to do a bunch of different things end up not completing or doing well at any of them. But you seem to have cracked the code! How do you manage to stay on track, stay focused?

This was my reply.

Val, after years and years of battling financially, something eventually snapped inside of me. I am sick to death of always battling. I am the only one who can change it and the only way to change it is to pay the price and get it done. I don’t have much of a social life – but I will make up for that later.

 Dr. Mani then confirmed my thinking by linking to this article that he had written here: Success – How Badly Do You Want It?. Do yourselves a huge favour and go and read it NOW.

It’s okay! I will wait for you to read it and then you can come back and finish reading my blog.

Awesome, you are back!

So my question to you is – do you have a plan and are you working it? I would love to hear what your plans are. By sharing them with others, you put it out there into the universe and it slowly starts to become a reality.


Oh! You want to know what I did this weekend to further my plan?

Oh alright, you can see it here: “This Weekend’s Projectdone and dusted.

Have a productive week.

Di (who is on a burning hot mission)

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