I spend most of my day working on my business (EzBiz Marketing and Startup Business Today) but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.

Someone suggested that I sell my photographs through Etsy. So I did a bit of research and discovered that I could sell all types of goodies on there. Being my normal impulsive self, I got engrossed. I love designing, photography and creating stuff. 

I had a very stern talk to myself about focus, and not spreading myself too thin, blah, blah, blah. Then I promptly ignored myself and plunged right in. I have included it in my annual plan now. So for 2 hours a day I get to play. 

Using Axel and my photos, I started loading up wall prints for canvas and paper. I then got my daughter to start designing wedding invitations. We are having such fun.

Now I am busy researching Etsy manufacturers that will allow us to create finished products and ship them directly to clients that order.

Sometimes you have to create a business just for fun. 

To launch my site I am offering custom portraits for just 50c each. You can see those hereIf you want to get the discount code, just sign up for our newsletter and you will be sent the code immediately.

P.S. Please could you do me a huge favour and ‘Favourite‘ my store on Etsy? It will help increase my exposure.