I spent the morning at the Bryanston Organic Market in Johannesburg today. Apart from the hundreds of photographs that I took of all the stores, what I found fascinating were all the people there.


I tried to take as many photographs as possible without looking like a stalker but most people did not seem to mind. Perhaps it was the big-ass camera hanging around my neck that made people think I was a professional photographer.

It’s the oddest thing but when people see a camera they ‘clean up’ very quickly so I tried to get as many as possible without them noticing me.



This woman looks like she is in the middle of an argument but I caught her at the wrong time. She was just involved in a passionate discussion and this particular moment was just emphasising a point.



Oops! Too late. He saw me and turned away.


Super cool dude that spent the entire time on his cell phone and standing in the same spot.


This guy was really interesting. He looked totally isolated but that’s because everyone was facing away from him. He was scribbling away on a piece of paper and looked up just as I took the photo. I wonder if he is a writer. He looked lonely.


This woman reminded me of that gorgeous actor in the movie “A Good Year".


These two ladies were having a lovely natter and turned just as I took the photo. Bust! But they just smiled.


She has the most beautiful eyes and hands. I had a feeling she would be very photogenic and I was right.


These two ladies were so involved in their conversation that they never noticed me snapping away. I just loved the bare-feet in the middle of winter and the carpet that they were sitting on.


Her name is Happy. I noticed her as I was walking out. She was just sitting there peacefully in the middle of the hustle and bustle just enjoying the sun.

Anyway so that was my stalking, I mean photographic portrayal of the people around me for the day.