Last night I was snooping researching on Amazon and I came across a range of journals that were personalised with a name. They seem to be doing relatively well so of course I stole adapted the idea.

What I want to show you in this blog post is a specific example of how I re-purpose whatever I can when I create. If you have not read the blog post where I outline the principles I work by, you can read it here.

  • Re-purpose whatever I create into multiple products
  • Do the work once and get paid for ever
  • Automate as much as possible

Income Stream 1: Create PLR Coloring Images.

We have a PLR coloring membership site where you can get coloring book images on a monthly basis to use to create your own books.


Income Stream 2: Adapt the images for my own coloring book series

Now I take the images and adapt them to be unique and create a new coloring book for my coloring book pen name Cassandra.


Income Stream 3: Convert to Commercial Use Doodles

I took the butterflies and modified them to commercial use doodles that people can use on for their printable projects, journals, wedding invites etc. on my commercial use Etsy store.


Income Stream 4: Create Amazon Journals with them

Based on the research I did last night, I decided to try out a range of personalised perfect bound journals on Amazon and Createspace under my Legacy4Life Planners brand.

Income Stream 5: List books on Etsy as Spiral-Bound

Now I would list all the books on my other Etsy store as spiral-bound versions.

Income Stream 6: Convert to PDF versions

I now sell each journal as a downloadable PDF either from my Etsy store or my website.

That is six streams of potential revenue for about 4 hour’s work. Not bad hey? 

Now think about how you can re-purpose what you have created today into multiple streams of revenue.

Happy Publishing


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