I adore Sunday afternoons. I park off in the lounge with my laptop in front of me, hot coffee and the television on YouTube.

While I am working on this month’s Book a Day System pack, I listen with both ears and watch with half an eye to the teaching videos that I have saved for future viewing.

Today’s video is particularity applicable, both to myself, and to my fellow creative authors out there. Seth Godin was speaking at a convention called Craft and Commerce 2017. 

He has so many nuggets of gold in this video that I spent more time writing in my notebook than focusing on the designs. 

There are the key points that resonated with me:

  • Do something that people will miss if you don’t do it
  • Revolutions destroy the perfect and then  make the impossible possible (he was referring to the music industry in this example).
  • Target the smallest possible audience, because then they will be ignored by your competition.
  • We are now in the connection economy

Watch the video below. It’s worth the 45 minutes.

Happy Publishing.