Who Defines Your Success - Diana HeuserMy life is a success! It’s not defined by what you think is success, but by what I think of as success.

My life is not a success because I have a stable income, or own my own house, drive a fancy car or take long expensive holidays whenever the mood takes me.

Why is my life a success? Because I have never, ever given up.

I have crashed and burned more times than I can remember. Sometimes it has not only brought me to my knees, but crushed me face-first into a pile of dung.

Each time though, I have stood up, bandaged my wounds and stepped forward to tackle life again.

My story is an inspiration for people who live in the quiet desperation of their lives. My story gives them hope and courage and for some people I am a light in the suffocating darkness.

I am not perfect. Often I am moody and depressed when my path is littered and blockaded by frustrated dreams, other people’s trash and more often than not, my own trash. With time and experience, I have learned how to step over, or walk around those potholes and dead ends, while moving forward.

Perhaps I will never achieve what society classifies as success but I don’t care.

I know that I am making a difference to my children’s lives – for the better. And I know that I am making a difference to other people’s lives, even in my imperfection.


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