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Photo Credit: Axel Buhrmann

Photo Credit: Axel Buhrmann

I hope you had a happy holiday season and for those of you who celebrate Christmas, a very Merry Christmas. For some, this time of year can be very difficult and it was like that for me.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. After dealing with some serious challenges during the last few months, I hit a wall this week and decided to make some changes.

There are times in your life where you have to take a step back and evaluate what it is you are doing with your life and why you keep getting the results you are. If things are not working in your life, be they personal or business, something has to change.

I found myself spending too much time on Facebook because I was rudderless. It’s too easy to log onto Facebook and scroll through the pages. Next thing you know a few hours have passed and nothing you have done has achieved anything in terms of your personal and business goals.

So I decided to take a complete break. This is something that I have never done before. It’s interesting. Talk about withdrawal symptoms. I used to log onto Facebook first thing in the morning. Now what do I do with myself?

You get used to it though. I have found that I am starting to get more productive. Cleaned my house from top to bottom for starters. Once that was done, my brain was a little more de-cluttered and already new ideas are starting to come through.

I will be back on Facebook in the new year. It’s a great place to connect with people, but for now I need less ‘virtual’ and more ‘reality’. When you spend time offline, you start to expand your thinking and your goals.

So the question I have for you, is what are you going to do differently in 2016 that will change your life for the better?