Can one dream of a stranger?

Faceless man with words of silk

Wrapped around my damaged heart

But more than just oceans apart


A simple sentence can transform your soul and create a fantasy-filled dream that leaves you reeling in awe and desire. Words that rocked the foundation of my safe world and left me disgruntled and edgy, because they hinted at something magical and unique behind the anonymity – without the promise of fulfilment.

Did you do it on purpose or did you just throw the net out for all to see? Were you just releasing your dream into the universe in the hope that it would return? Did you know that another’s words would draw me gently back to yours? Not profound or sublime, but still vulnerable with a nostalgia for a secret dream, long shattered by the world. The writer in me blinded to punctuation and capitalisation, as the words alone are enough.

What if all this is just my dream released, out in the universe, desperately searching for meaning in words that were not written for me? The gentle healing flow of words eases the aching loneliness of my soul, but fooled by my foolish heart into seeing meaning that is not there. But still the dream persists, making me smile and sigh as my heart leans towards you.

When I immerse myself in the daydream and the gift of today is lost, what price will I pay? Or will I lose a part of my soul when I force myself to be ‘realistic’, and stop dreaming of that sweet joy that seems so far away?

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